About Looks, Advice, and House-cleaning

About Looks, Advice, and House-cleaning – Greetings, dear readers. I have a theory about the problem with having crushes on cute men, and wondered if you might concur or not. I also have a blanket policy, encouraging your input about relationships in my life, in case you weren’t aware. I thought of funny book titles, if I were to write a book or two. And I did a major furniture shift in my bedroom 2 weeks ago that’s been fairly successful. (read more…)

5 thoughts on “About Looks, Advice, and House-cleaning

  1. archerpren says:

    1) yes i had that “we all hated him” thing happen too but when i said after two years (1.5 of which was total misery) “why didnt you guys say that then!?” they said “we DID! weve been screaming it at you for 2 years!” um oops.
    2) i wish i was more with the diplomatic advise thing. i just say whatever flys into my head or nothing at all (which is hard for me) becuase i am not good at phrasing things to say what i mean while still being diplomatic. if that makes any sense. on the other had if i ask my friends for advise i dont want them to spare my feelings. id rahter hear “you are wrong now get over it.” if thats the case because then i know i am getting honest and good advise be i right or wrong ya know? maybe thats why i am not very good at the smoothing it out kinda thing. i just wanna know bluntly what people think. hhhmmmm. something to work on for me i guess :0)
    3) well duh! who doesnt fall for the georgeous unatainable guy! ill tell you who. nobody! every one falls for him. hahaha. hes hot! (whoever he is) its hard not to get squireley around certain boys

  2. mistresshuette says:

    Believe me when I say that I totally understand how you feel about the loneliness. I spent decades feeling as you do before my husband came along. I almost made the mistake of marrying this one guy because he seemed to accept me as I was and seemed to care for me. Seemed was the standout word here. He was handsome and thin. But he had a huge drug problem and was only looking at me because I had a job and was willing to give him money when he needed it. The fact that he was lying to me constantly took me years to recognize and overcome enough to dump him. Mr. Right is out there for you. You just have to be open to seeing him, because just maybe he may not be perfect or a ten in looks but he will be a 10 in personality and in other ways. Just look at Thomas and Angelina. She is very beautiful, both internally and externally, and she married a man who isn’t a 10 in looks, but is a 10 in personality and all the other ways that matter.

    As for the warning about your ex. I didn’t know him, so I couldn’t say anything. But I have had several friends who have dated this one guy I know who has the deserved reputation for being a letch and only wanting sex from a woman and constantly cheating on whomever he was with. The first friend I warned about him, but she ignored me and got herself hurt badly over him. Fortunately, my warning didn’t ruin our relationship. The second friend I warned, who told me this guy was “the One”, took my warning badly and accused me of being jealous and trying to ruin her life. She severed our friendship and I haven’t seen or heard from her since. I feel very sorry for her. I don’t know how her relationship with the guy is going now, but I have seen him dating others, so I hope that she has seen him for what he truly is and didn’t get hurt too badly. But trying to tell someone in love that the person that they are in love with isn’t worthy of them is a difficult thing to do. You can ruin friendships doing so. Sometimes it is easier just to wait and help pick up the pieces afterwards.

    You are a very pretty woman with a lively, outgoing personality. And living in California, the land of the anorexic, is very difficult when your figure isn’t as small as what is popular. Believe me. I once dieted down to the size my doctor said was my normal, healthy weight, which was 185 lbs and a dress size 18, only to discover that the men that I wanted still thought I was fat/overweight and didn’t desire me. And I have dated a ton of men who thought that because I was fat, that I would be desparate and willing to have sex with them on the first date. You really don’t want to go that route. You will only be used and dumped when someone thinner comes along. Believe me when I say that trying to diet down to the acceptable size and knowing that you will never achieve that goal is impossible. I have spent decades trying and not achieving and failing because no man would look at me. What you have to do is learn to be happy within yourself and, no matter what your physical size is, your beauty will shine. And you have to realize and be willing to look at someone who isn’t a perfect 10, or even an 8, as being someone desirable. And that is the road to happiness. IMHO.

    As for a good book title, you should write an inspirational calendar and call it “Eilidh Daily”. 😀

    • Cat Ellen says:

      *laughs* Thank, Auntie. All your words are helpful reminders that I’ve heard before, and most of the time I keep in mind too. 🙂

      But as for “Eilidh Daily” (or “Daily Eilidh”) … I cannot imagine anyone really wanting advice from me every day! *falls over laughing*

      I suppose your daily-dose of Eilidh is just to follow me on Twitter. 🙂 http://twitter.com/cayswann

      • acdntlpoet says:

        you sell yourself short. I DO want an Eilidh Daily. Why do you think I follow your tweets and read your blogs?

        I don’t think you realize how many people your glow and glimmer touch…

        • Cat Ellen says:

          *laughs* You’re very good for me, dearheart. Very good indeed.

          Of course, I just elevated both of you to “device updates = ON” for twitter. Now, you buzz my phone just like my two of my best friends Lynn and Theresa, my SCA “grandpa” (giggle), and one of the girls in my SCA shire who’s humor got her elevated to phone-text last week. *grin*

          And then I teased Adrian that I keep expecting him on twitter, when I see posts from you two. *giggle*

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