9 thoughts on “Laughing at Singlehood, Music, and Embroidery

  1. sidelong says:

    Okay, this has almost nothing to do with this post in specific and lots to do with allyourposts! in general.

    I really, really dig reading about your life. You write very entertainingly about day-to-day events and your own emotions, perspectives, thoughts about them. Wordy? Yes. Exhaustive, repetitive, long-winded, overly maudlin or condescending, opinionated ranting, bragging, whining, or preaching? No.

    That’s part of why I like to read your stuff, because it’s nice to get to hear your opinion on things, and it’s really nice to get the Eilidh-brand of “polite honesty” I’ve come to enjoy from you. Keep on crankin’.

    Just saying. 😉

  2. archerpren says:

    i just loved the blackwork class i have to say. it was the first A&S meeting that i have been to and i really enjoyed it. her work was pretty inspirational wasnt it :0) wow i want to make a little book like that. it would be a great way to just make one little design and not get overwhenlmed by the scope of a project ya know?

  3. mistresshuette says:

    I am so happy that you found my title so amusing and that it helped you find more happiness in your life.

    I have always been fond of a fairy tale called “The Frog Princess”. It is in essence the story of a king who tells his three sons that they must find brides and the way they should do it is to shoot an arrow into the air and marry the first single woman they find near the arrow.
    The oldest son finds the beautiful daughter of a nobleman and marries her. The second son finds the beautiful daughter of a farmer and marries her. The youngest son doesn’t find anyone near his arrow, with the exception of a frog. It turns out the frog is female and she can talk. She persuades him that if he marries her, he won’t regret it. After they marry, the prince discovers that his bride was an enchanted princess, who could only take her true form for one hour at midnight. But in the mean time, the young prince suffered taunts and humiliation because he is married to a frog, an ugly green frog. Who only turns into a beautiful princess in the privacy of their bedroom. There is more to the story, but I have always loved this story because I have always felt that I was an ugly frog. But one who could turn into a beautiful princess in bed.

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