About Looks, Advice, and House-cleaning

About Looks, Advice, and House-cleaning – Greetings, dear readers. I have a theory about the problem with having crushes on cute men, and wondered if you might concur or not. I also have a blanket policy, encouraging your input about relationships in my life, in case you weren’t aware. I thought of funny book titles, if I were to write a book or two. And I did a major furniture shift in my bedroom 2 weeks ago that’s been fairly successful. (read more…)

Wolgemut FanGirl (fighting Shyness, too)

Wolgemut FanGirl (fighting Shyness, too) – Oh. My. Goodness. I accidentally got to spend the evening, playing music with two members of Wolgemut…. and would you believe I almost missed out on this, because I wasn’t even going to leave the house? Seriously. I need my noggin examined. Did I mention I have a major musician and girlie fan crush on Micha from Wolgemut? Who flirted with me and invited me to play with them? *zomg, squee!* (read more…)

Taking Stock

Taking Stock – Every journal entry, I try to end with “Today’s Blessing that I’m Thankful For.” Just like I hate to save up resolutions just for New Year’s, I don’t just save up thankfulness for Thanksgiving. Today, I took the time to re-read the list of all my Blessings I’m thankful for, and observed some interesting trends. And it made for interesting thoughts about how I approach life, and why I’m smiling so often. (read more…)

Weekend away and a head full of ideas

Weekend away and a head full of ideas – I went up to the Investiture of the Prince and Princess of the Mists, caught up with a college best friend I hadn’t seen in 4-5 years, saw several friends over meals, listened to books-on-tape, found some house-cleaning motivation, pondered the nature of inspirational advice, the internet’s seductive suggestion that your casual acquaintance is a friend… oh, and my latte was free this morning, which was really nice. (read more…)