Wolgemut FanGirl (fighting Shyness, too)

Wolgemut FanGirl (fighting Shyness, too) – Oh. My. Goodness. I accidentally got to spend the evening, playing music with two members of Wolgemut…. and would you believe I almost missed out on this, because I wasn’t even going to leave the house? Seriously. I need my noggin examined. Did I mention I have a major musician and girlie fan crush on Micha from Wolgemut? Who flirted with me and invited me to play with them? *zomg, squee!* (read more…)

3 thoughts on “Wolgemut FanGirl (fighting Shyness, too)

  1. scribe_ari says:

    Oh! Micha is awesome.
    I have had several run-ins with him that were all great. First time was when Master Iolo and I were sitting in his crossbow shop at Pennsic having our weekly lute lesson. He taught, I fumbled. In walks Micha and one of the other members of Wolgemut. (Presumably drawn there by the weapons, but I know the lutes were what did it.) Micha starts chatting with us and then I end up passing over my lute so he and Iolo can play for a while. Best afternoon ever.

    My other favorite encounter was this past Estrella when Micha and Bruno spent 2 hours in the coffee shop one rainy morning, playing with my kids. It was great and everyone had a good time.

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