Whew! Big first project done!

Well, it’s late, but a quick update before I crash. I’ve been at my new job for 5 weeks and 1 day (so it’s my sixth week here now, wow!) and I just finished turning in my first big project at work.

At my last job where I did courseware development, I spent four years and two months (to the day) writing training materials for a software company that made products for manufacturing companies. My new job is exactly the same—courseware developer at a software company that makes products for manufacturers. And they recently adopted using FrameMaker as their publishing software, which is what we used all those years at that old job. So in many ways, I was really lucky that I had the experience I did.

But at the same time, when you’re a new hire, there’s always a million other things you’re learning and being sent to for HR or orientation or training etc. So I really only had about a week to work on this new project, and it’s a pioneering project too, where it’s the first of its kind in a new training delivery method. So although there were examples, and former training materials to copy/paste, there was still plenty of “here, you can figure it out!” moments where I kind of had to make things up.

But I feel really good about getting close to having hit the mark. It felt awesome to turn in the “final files” at 10 pm and drive home. Of course, it was my first time to be at the office that late, so I was lucky I didn’t actually set off the alarms… they kick in at 10 pm unless you disarm them for two hours at a time, and I finally got up from my desk at 10:15. The little alarm pad was beeping discreetly in the hallway, so I hope I got the disarming sequence in without waking any of the facilities people for an actual alarm. I’m sure I’ll find out tomorrow.


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