Boss said: Good Job!

The boss looked over my files and liked them. Thought I did a great job of doing almost everything needed, had only a few edits, and wanted to make sure I felt proud of my accomplishment and that I wasn’t beating myself up at all for missing anything. Yippee me!

So now I have a short list of all the edits I need to throw in there today (didn’t get some of the appendix and intro data put together, but then again didn’t know it was required) and learned about another finishing step for posting the files to the shared drives, but all in all a good/great first project! Now I just wish I’d been through the Advanced class on this software, so that when I did the cut/paste from the advanced book I’d feel more comfortable that the materials were correct.

Another great thing about this job—lots of free food. I hadn’t had time to cook on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday so I’d come to work with just coffee and Balance bars yesterday morning. But after the classes have all eaten, the leftovers are free for the employees and yesterday was fajitas. So I not only had a yummy lunch, but I was able to wrap up some chicken, tortillas, and salad for dinner and make it through my marathon work evening without spending any money (or time away from my desk).

* * * * *

Back on the topic of the moving truck fiasco, since I came in slightly late this morning, I’m pushing off the furniture reschedule to Thursday afternoon. Can I just say how much I really *Really* love this job? The boss also said it’s totally fine for me to leave early on Thursday to run up to my mom’s, rent the truck, and move furniture. And hopefully Geoff won’t be too exhausted from his 4 am shift at the Brewery to drive me up there to get the truck—especially since this directly helps him out, too. The more bookcases I get from my Mom, the less stuff I’ll have taking up space in the garage. Which means in another 3 weeks when he finally moves everything in from his house in Sacramento, he’ll have lots of space in the garage.

It’s funny having a boy roomie in the house again. It never really dawned on me how many boy roomies I’ve had lately, but I did live with two married couples, one right after the other, before getting this apartment with Mer and Mel. And Mel and I are always the out-and-about roomies, so I think having Geoff living there won’t take up any more people space since we almost never have all four of us home at the same time. And it’s so fun to see Geoff’s kitty cats peek around the corner when I’m home. They’re still a little skitish, but they’re settling in nicely and they are fun to be around. I’ve missed having kitties, and this is really nice.

Well, it’s almost free-food-for-leftover-lunch time, so time to see what’s in the kitchen. Later!

* * * * *
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