Another Sighting

Forunately the person from whom I have to keep the following story secret does not read this journal (yet?) so I can happily tell you the funny adventure from this evening:

(And if any of you reading know her, please don’t tell her!)

Some quick back-story: About one or one-and-a-half years ago, I was in Ventura at a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. In this little tiny shop, back in a corner, there sat a homely looking 40-something guy and a heavily made-up woman. My first thought was “That guy has either hired a hooker to hang out with him, or he’s Angelyne’s assistant for the afternoon.”

Angelyne is an LA-phenomenon, if you weren’t aware. There are even sites devoted to Angelyne sightings, if you need further stories.

I could not believe how ridiculous they seemed, while I sat sipping my coffee, and even went outside with my digital camera and snapped a quick movie of her lost and disheveled attempt to find her car—especially since they arrived in a black SUV rather than her signature pink corvette.

Well, this evening as I was leaving the Whole Foods Grocery in the Valley, I passed her pink corvette in the parking lot. And I just could not resist going back in to the store, to see if I could speak with her for a moment.

Another friend of mine once had met her and gotten her autograph on one of her pink business cards. The autographed card was stolen off her refridgerator during a party my friend was throwing, years ago. After my brush with Angelyne in Ventura, I thought if I ever ran into her again, I would try to get an autograph again for Morgana.

So I went back into the grocery store this evening, found her (easily enough) and asked her if I could get her autograph for a friend who once had her autograph but who had the card stolen. She was a bit ditsy but she said she would be happy to give me an autograph.

She only had two items in the grocery checkout, but the checker carried her bag to the car for her. She opened up the back of her corvette, handed the checker a copy of “the latest issue of [her] magazine, ‘Hot Pink’,” and looked for a card to sign for me. She found a glossy double-sided postcard of her and her pink dog, signed the card “To Morgana, Love Angelyne” and I thanked her and returned to my car. When I looked at the postcard, the back had another shot of just the dog, including the rates if you’d like to hire “Buddha” for “your next film or event!” and the phone number for booking her pink dog.

Only in LA!!!

My plans are to frame the card in a double-sided viewing frame, and decorate the frame with bright pink feathers or fur. Morgana will be back from a trip overseas in a few weeks, so I’ll be able to have plenty of time to create the frame, in all its Angelyne pink feathered glory.

My friend Ann says I’m an Angelyne magnet now. All I had to say was that all my friends now have a Kevin-Bacon-number of “2” to Angelyne and it’s all my fault. *laughs*

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