Night or Morning?

Sometimes I don’t know if I’m truly a morning person or a night person. Here it is 1:30 in the morning, and this second wind still hasn’t slacked much.

This afternoon I put together some worksheets, to start brainstorming and keeping my ideas all in one place. The key questions are “What’s working” and “What’s not working,” combined with what would the benefits be if I really fixed things. I’ve started a separate page for different topics—some for organizing my space (cleaning the garage, organizing my bedroom), some for organizing my time or projects (work, studying ASL). One of the things that always works for me—if I’m brainstorming about one topic, I’ll be hit with tons of ideas for other topics.

At my last job, the Marine base, one of my closest friends in the office used to tell me that I should write a book. I can’t wait to tell her that I wished I’d written something like “Organizing from the Inside Out” or that I’d thought up this kind of approach. I love that she states (so often) that you have to design the system that works for you, your strengths, your favorite techniques. And you design how to find your weaknesses and how to approach them. Each of us is different, and it’s all about figuring out who you are and how to be the *best* you that you are.

This is *so* the root of everything I’ve been thinking through since my divorce five years ago, and it’s very encouraging.

Anyways, I picked up a few odds and ends at the office supply store on the way home [since three-ring binders is one of the things that “works for me”], and did some more reading and brainstorming over dinner. When I got home, I just jumped right into cleaning up a bit in the kitchen, and organizing up in my room. Now, several hours later with fully folded, ironed, and put away clothing, and a few more things reorganized in my bedroom, I still feel charged enough to jot down a journal entry before sleep.

And yet, most of my closest friends know me as a morning-person. Hence my question—what really is a morning- or a night-person? And which really embraces the best in me?

I also can’t wait to give Dayle the highlights of the Time Management book, since I read about half of it over dinner.

I’m such a weirdo. (Hopefully, in a good way!)

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Recently Listened to: Tori Amos, “To Venus and Back” (Disc 1: Live and Orbiting)

4 thoughts on “Night or Morning?

  1. Dayle says:

    So, have you really been listening to the same album since you started your journal?!

    (Which is not necessarily a bad thing–I’ve been obsessed with Big Bang Theory since it came out last week, so…)

  2. Cat Ellen says:

    Hmm, yes and no. The “Now Playing” appears the same on every page, even the oldest archive, since it’s part of the display template. But let’s see, if you look at the bottom of May 4th, I switched from “The Dreaming” to “Live, Orbiting.”

    And it’s only been playing non-stop when I’m at my desk at work. At home I’m either listening to the radio or watching TV in the background. Or pausing my TV if I have to think coherently about the sentence I’m writing [like right now, *grin*].

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