Slightly Off-Kilter Internal Clock

I think I’ve figured out why my internal clock is so confused. At the old job, I had a minimum 90-minute drive in most traffic, but I could cut it to 66 minutes if I left the house by 6 am, no later than 6:15. Everyone took lunch pretty much at 11 am, and so my day started really *really* early.

It’s my eighth week at the “new” job (whoa. two months already?!), and everything’s shifted several hours. I can still get to work by 9 if I leave by 8—I never could leave as late as 8 at the last job. And even more, everyone seems to eat around 1 pm. I’m usually starving by that time, but at the same time, around 11 am I feel like I’ve just started to dig into the work of the day.

I probably need to re-evaluate what time I get up, get to work, go to lunch, etc. to set all my inner cycles back on track. The luxury of sleeping in needs to be fine-tuned quite a bit.

* * * * *

I did make it to the gym again, finally, this afternoon. Around 2 I was just tired, sore, and cranky at my desk. I was daydreaming about sitting in a hottub, so I leapt up and worked out, just so I could clean up and stand under a hot shower for a bit. My shoulder’s been killing me—I think I’ve been sleeping on it wrong, night after night.

It was worth it—the exercise and the feeling of satisfaction was exactly what I needed to get back to work again. But it did show me how ridiculously off my clock was, since it was so late in the afternoon.

A few weeks ago, I was in class at 8 am five days a week, and most days I made it in to the gym before class started. I’m thinking that maybe I need to set that in motion again.

* * * * *

It may be tough to write for the next few days, in preparation for the tournament on Saturday. I’ve offered to bribe friends with what I call “coffee of splendoor” to get them to show up early enough for setup. I hate seeing only 1 or 2 people there on time, struggling to set up a large pavilion. So I’ll be serving coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and hot spiced cider for anyone who’ll show up early. So tomorrow night will be spent shopping and packing, Friday traveling, Saturday at the event, Sunday at church, and Sunday evening clearing boxes from the garage to help my roomies who are coming down with a moving van with the rest of Geoff’s boxes. And next weekend is a big camping trip, so it’ll be a bizarre next week.

See ya when I can!

* * * * *
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