Caught up again

Ah ha. All caught up again.

I apologize for the flurry of entries all at once, but we had some internet issues at home, my laptop keyboard issues, and I even left some notes I jotted down at work. But I got them all sorted out and posted, and I hope you’ve been enjoying my last week’s worth of stories.

Today is another inter-departmental meeting between the tech writers, so I’m looking forward to that. And Thursday I’ll be doing a medical screening at work, as part of the “bring it to the employees” approach they seem to have around here. It’s similar to those “body scans” but all done with ultrasound instead of x-rays. What I’m *really* hoping for is to win one of the raffles where six people are going to get $50 off courtesy of the company. I’ve not done a good job of having a personal physician or going in for check-ups, so I’m anticipating this as just a preventative step to make certain I’m living in a healthy way. Since they say that 50% of women have heart attacks or strokes or other related issues, I’m trying to make certain I stay on the healthy side of that statistic.

Other than that, I’ve remembered to bring my workout clothes in today, and have nothing else big planned right now.

So have a lovely day, everyone.

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