Healthy Knees

Mon Jul 11 – Working out with the sword fighting is really turning out to be a great thing. I fairly *bounced* down the stairs this morning, with not even a twinge in my knees. And just a month ago I could barely lower myself to the floor on my knees, and sitting back on my knees towards my ankles was completely impossible. But I’ve been stretching them every morning for nearly three weeks now, plus doing all the bent-knee workouts at fighter practice, and the recovery/healing has been amazing.

I’m still having shoulder issues (no idea why), but last week Caelfind suggested I start a really solid regimen of ibuprofen to take down the swelling. I never did work on it last week, but this morning my forearms are *really* stiff and sore, so I’m doubly-motivated to try the ibuprofen. I even started setting my pager to go off every four hours, to take the next dose, so we’ll see if that works. I finally resorted to icing my forearms all afternoon. I hope I don’t have to do that very often.

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