Preparedness is Splendid

Sun Jul 10 – Church was lovely, in spite of a cancelled guest singer. Craig promises to tell me “the dirt” later, but apparently this young man was just not a good fit. Can’t tell if he was alluding to a lack of skill or a lack of healthy spirit, but it should be a good story later. So I was fortunate to find a hymn that matched the sermon *really* well, and I felt very good about my contributions to the service.

I also remembered to bring my fighter practice clothes so that I could change at church first, since the bathrooms at the park are iffy at best (grotesque at worst). And I picked up lunch last night from the Seattle’s Best coffee in the Borders near my new apartment, so I was doubly-prepared for my day. I *even* remembered to pack drinks and ice and a cooler and snacks, a routine I’ll have to remember to repeat. It was a huge relief to be prepared.

Etain wasn’t feeling well at first, so I headed over to the park for a few hours of workout, stretching, practice…and then gave her a call later to see how she was feeling. She was feeling much better, so I picked her up and brought her to the park too. Her sweetie has been at (as she calls it) “a big hippy festival in Oregon” so she’s been home alone for the week. It’s been very fatiguing with her MS to be alone, taking care of the house and the cats. I was glad to help her get out of the house and relax with friends for a while.

And after fighter practice Etain, Alexander, and I went to get dinner (again) at the Roxbury Deli. We had our same funny waitress from last week, and have a wonderful dinner together.

Etain and I are also working on some lucet cord as a possible site favor for Crown (being hosted by our Shire in September), but I’m not sure if the metal-thread embroidery floss is really going to work. If it doesn’t, hey, I’ve got another spare project to toss in my spinning bag for when I’m stranded somewhere, bored.

2 thoughts on “Preparedness is Splendid

  1. Dayle says:

    I’ve found that for ease of luceting, a smooth fiber works best. I love using crochet cotton, as that gives me the thickness of lucet cord I’m usually trying for. I can’t imagine using metal embroidery floss! :-0

  2. Cat Ellen says:

    The more I work with the combined fibers, the smoother the metal thread gets. It’s actually coming along really nicely now.

    We had a company meeting this week, and I felt like I was “preparing to go to court” before the King and Queen (not for the DMV, not that kind of court). You know how we usually bring hand-work to court to keep from being bored? I got a few funny looks, bring my lucet to the company meeting, but I got plenty of cording done and I didn’t fall asleep. *grin*

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