Helium Hand

Tue Jul 12 – A friend from my last job was chatting with me on IM late last night, and talking about all the depressing horrible things going on in his life. He’s taken to a form of “retail therapy” by decorating people’s cubicles at work for their birthdays. He’s going overboard this week for one birthday, doing a luau theme and having a birthday cake delivered.

I joked that I’ve been writing a zillion songs (okay, 8 snippets of 2-4 lines each, but they *feel* like separate songs) and over-organizing again. Oh, the creativity of emotional angst, hmm?

And although there’s no more emotional angst (okay, maybe a small sliver) from having a crush on someone (but creating some great song lyrics based on it)… the organizing bug is a good thing. Yesterday and today I finally got caught up on three month’s worth of “monthly status reports” at work. And this evening I got through all my mail for the week, set up two bill-pay accounts with my online banking, paid one of them, entered the weekend’s receipts, reconciled everything that cleared yesterday at the bank, and balanced my checkbook in general.

Wouldn’t it be nice if more people did a little happy dance for getting simple life chores done? I know *I’m* doing a little jig. (Okay, a mental jig. *grin*)

But most notably, I’ve gotten another case of “helium-hand” (you know, where you raise your hand to volunteer for something?). My mom wrote me an email today, in another attempt to get me to run the website for her local community theatre. And this time I finally agreed. Then I rang up my website cohort in crime, and she *also* said she’d be interested in helping me build it quickly. I put together a mock-up, everyone loved it, I snagged a ton of text from Google Cached pages (because I never could get the old site to display in any browser), and set up the account on my webhost. The theatre Arts Director finally called back and is going to find out how to change the DNS settings, and everyone’s really happy.

And this year instead of a membership to the theatre as a gift from my Mom or putting it on my own “want to buy” list, the theatre has offered to give me my season tickets in exchange for the website. I wish my cohort wasn’t moving out of state, because I would find a way to take her to every show if possible.

Can’t wait to show you all the new site!

The forearms are still sore from fighter practice Sunday, but it’s day two of the ibuprofen routine and I’m still remembering to take them. I sure hope this works.

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