Car Fixed, No Big Deal

Mon Aug 15 – Turns out the car was both not as bad and not as expensive as we thought, yippee! Rather than the funny back tired noise coming from the brakes, it was the bearings. But I was right—the noise was centered in the rear driver’s side tire/wheel. But when the nice young man quoted $116, turns out he made a mistake and the fix was only about $80. Spiffy!

So around noon I was finally back on the road, and just after 1 pm I was finally home again. I curled up in bed to watch a moment of tv or so, just to unwind, and I passed out until 4 pm. Wow, I didn’t realize I was tired! Once I was up again, it was time to catch up on email and website updates, and now I just have to plan the rest of my evening.
* * * * *

Spent the rest of the afternoon opening boxes, putting away books, washing dishes, and hanging things up in my room. I found a really ingenius use for the cupboard that I put over the toilet in the old apartment. It’s now a standing cabinet in the closet, right inside that little lip in the wall by the door, know what I mean? From the edge of the door frame to the blank wall there’s a depth of about 6-8 inches, and the stands-over-your-toilet cabinet is only about 6-inches deep. So it’s absolutely perfect for odds and ends that I would normally put in my closet on the overhead shelves.

I was also glad I’d purchased breakfast foods for Dayle & Ken on Friday because I have had breakfast foods for myself and dinner foods this whole weekend/week. I cooked up some cheese ravioli’s with alfredo sauce, and then finished the last piece of chocolate cake from the house-warming party. Mel had to laugh when she got home because she was kinda hoping that I couldn’t finish the cake and she’d have to help. But then she realized I cannot help her eat any of the four things full of ice cream in the freezer, so she’s actually overwhelmed in dessert choices for a while.

Finally around 9 pm I headed out to get all my laundry done, the gas tank refilled, and to pick up my vacuum cleaner from the old place. Mer and Geoff did a fantastic job finishing the downstairs cleaning, so now we’re just waiting for the landlord to call us back for the walk-through to be scheduled. It was astonishing to see what the apartment looks like, empty and clean. It was like being transported back a year in time when we first saw the place. But it was doubly nice to come back home to my “real” apartment, and to see how beautiful (and huge!) the new place is.

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