Weird Car Noises

Sun Aug 14 – So my evening just got very weird. The plan today was to (a) go have lunch with Grandad and family, (b) be in Ventura by 6 pm for a planning meeting for a chorus I’m a founding member of, (c) visit Ann for a bit, and (d) drop off some stuff at Dayle & Ken’s that they left at my house.

Lunch with Grandad was fine, in fact it was wonderful because my cousin & her boyfriend were there, two great-aunts and a great-uncle, Mom & Pops, Grandad and me. And Grandad says that Joyce-grandmother is responding really well to all the treatments in the hospital, his daily visits with her are continuing to be good, and we’re all routing for her to be well again. She’s eating, she’s chatting, and these are all VERY good things.

Next month, we’ll have another Grandad lunch on a Sunday, and it happens to fall on my birthday, so well, there you go.

I managed to squeeze about two hours of cleaning at the old apartment into my afternoon, and then stopped home to get my laptop, a clean shirt, and the cooler that Dayle and Ken needed back, then hit the road. I was fortunate to be able to go around the bad traffic and just take the coastal route, so I only arrived about 10-15 minutes late.

Afterwards, I went and picked up my mail (got the spinning whorls from England!), and went over to D&K’s. The car was making funny car noises, out of place car noises, so I asked Ken to drive the car and give me his prognosis. He thinks it’s possibly the rear brakes, so I’m staying the night here and going into to the car guys in the morning. My boss was sweet about it when I called her at home, and now I’m doubly-lucky that I have car-smart friends, a place to stay, and my laptop already with me (plus my friends have wireless). Hence, I can make this journal entry.

So tomorrow morning I’ll be able to have coffee (with the very coffee maker I bought for D&K’s house), go by the car guys place, and possibly get my rear brakes fixed. Then home or to work, depending on how long it all takes.

2 thoughts on “Weird Car Noises

  1. Mom says:

    You know – one of these days you may have to **no, no, say it isn’t so** replace the Festiva. Hope it isn’t too sick! My Saturn flipped the odometer this morning to 100,000 miles. Doesn’t seem possible that I’ve had it almost 5 years (which means you’ve had the Festiva that long). Love you lots – Mom 🙂

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