All Done, Officially Moved Out!

Tue Aug 16 – Back to work, and back to the daily normal kitchen routine. Once again, I’m finally comfortable enough in my home and my routine to get the coffee on in the morning, get a little breakfast whipped up, and hit the road feeling together and not scattered. No drive through substitute breakfast. No, my toaster oven has been unearthed from the dust of the garage, given a good scrub, and tested for whether it still worked. (It does.) So this morning I got to have a toasted sandwich of turkey and provolone on multi-grain bread, my own home brew coffee of spLENdoooor, and was in breakfast heaven.

I’d forgotten that at work this week we’re having a class on Tuesday and Thursday on “Structured Writing.” The idea is to get all the (training) courseware developers and the (tech pubs, user guide) information engineers all on the same page about our goals for our documentation. We represent the face of the company, and people can easily judge the quality of the company, and the quality of our software, on the quality of the first thing they see: The User Guides and/or the Training Courses. So we’re covering the basics of Instructional Design as well as the deep down details of good writing, and specifically the kind of writing needed for describing technical information and technical procedures.

I know. Riveting discussion. Ah well, it’s part of the daily adventures that are my life.

After work we finally had the last walk-through with the landlord at the old place. Seems everything looked good, so we’re all set and finally done. Wow. Yippee.

Then off to the studio. It was another lovely rehearsal, although I seem to have misplace my cheat-sheets book and had to try to guess the keyboard settings on one song, and completely blanked on the 3rd verse for another. I’m working on a cheat-sheet flip book that’s just index cards, and hopefully I’ll have that done soon.

I was hoping to meet a friend briefly for coffee, right after band, but Rafe was busy finishing up working on a client’s computer and still needed to do some errands for his roommate too. But tomorrow he’s going to escape from the craziness of his apartment and come hang out at my place for the evening, so that should be lovely.
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  1. Mom says:

    I have an idea for an addition to your left channel — you could put: “Today’s Gas Price – Paid $1.699 (Still Going Up)” … Just an idea since you are doing a count down for Serenity, you could do a count up (get it?) for gas prices!

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