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Wed Jul 13 – I was originally intending to get to sleep early, but hey. At least I thought of writing something up before crashing.

Hope and I are just the silliest when collaborating on a website together. But I have to say, there’s something about our chemistry that’s a really good mix. We accomplish more together than if we were working alone. We spark well, and that means something special.

The theatre website is fairly flying along, and I was even able to see it from my home computer, so I was able to snag some things I hadn’t already gotten off the google cache files. I’m thinking of reworking the color palette, on top of our frantic copyediting, proofreading, redesigning the layout, and linking all the pdf files. But we should be able to launch phase one of the site this week. Wow. A one-week redesign. Hmm, 4-5 day redesign. Pretty impressive.

After work (and after sitting in some evil sunny afternoon traffic), I stopped by the new apartment to clean out some things from my car. There’s nothing in “my new bedroom” but a gigantic floor, which was the perfect place to leave the carpet that I use in the park on Sundays. Went grocery shopping, put away the groceries, ate a little dinner, and headed back to the new place with a few boxes, some toilet paper (because you can’t be in a new place with no tp), and best of all—my vacuum cleaner! (hee hee)

So after a quick vacuum of my actual bedroom carpet, I was able to clean both the tapestry and carpet from the park, and organize a few things around my room. Okay, two boxes, a rug, some fighter practice items, and a chair. But still, it was lovely to think that I was really setting up *my* room. The place is HUGE!

Also, it is *so* close to everything. It’s just blocks from the freeway, blocks from Pacific Coast Highway, and blocks from my favorite grocery store. I look forward to walking through our neighborhood, relaxing at the park down the street, maybe just exercising in the park down the street and relaxing at home…. There’s a library just out our back door. There’s a 24-hour pharmacy a block away. There’s a Target, Bristol Farms, Borders, sit down restaurants, fast food restaurants, and a zillion little stores everywhere.

And then when I get home, the apartment is HUGE. Have I mentioned lately that it’s larger than we could imagine? *grin*

Finally, at home I’ve been working on the theatre website some more, exchanging a few emails, and now logging a journal entry. So it must be time to crawl into my bed and pass out now. G’night!

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