Weekend: For the WIN!

Weekend: For the WIN! – My 3rd year, the party’s 8th and last year — here’s the tale of Hogwarts and the World Cup, an amazingly fun weekend with friends in the park. Think “Halloween theme party that’s gotten out of hand and completely FUN!” that helped me achieve a physical challenge of which I’m ever so proud. (read more…)

6 thoughts on “Weekend: For the WIN!

  1. archerpren says:

    quidditch WAS fantastic. see you at the first match of the new year. i adored amanda. can i keep her? i cant wait to see all your pix. when is your estimated date of presentation? or have you put them up on the hogwarts express somewhere?

    btw as far as photo hosting goes who do you use and why (still trying to figure out the easiest way to have 9 zillion blogs)


    • Cat Ellen says:

      *laughs* You might have to co-adopt her with me, as I’m not letting her go. *grin*

      Photos I upload on my own domain…. this means I bought cayswann.com and I have Gallery software (http://gallery.menalto.com/ ) installed. [It happens to be hosted on Dreamhost.com although through a friend… I’m working on moving hosts eventually, since I need to do new things with my websites.] It’s the same software that Kolfinna uses on her photo website, and some other friends use.

      And yes, I’ll have a post in my journal when this year’s pictures are up.

      • archerpren says:

        hhmmm. can we share custody? i will just borrow her now and then i SWEAR i wont hide her away all to myself (plots to hide her away all to self…..maniacal laugh ensues)

        your own domain. well i dont think im ready for that but while photobucket and flicker are pretty universally used they take for freekin ever to upload a ton of pix so i havent really converted. i just post a pic or two and thats all my readers get. hahaha.i would like to be better about that though.

          • archerpren says:

            i am stealling your quidditch description for my blog cause i want everyone to play! and i was trying and trying to describe it and it was too confusing my way and yours is so clear and nice. i will totally link them here and give you credit. i hope this is ok. if it isnt please just let me know and i will take it down right away. i hope this isnt stepping on your toes at all. i dont mean to if i am.

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