Tiny notes

Mon June 6 – Finally did my monthly “flip the calendar” routine, and I’m starting to think ahead about how I plan to blend other people’s time management books and techniques into my personal version. I’ve really enjoyed the “Time Management from the Inside-Out” book (definitely hits how I think and act) but I’m also still reviving reading “Seven Habits of Effective People” and looking at how I use my paper planner and my electronic planner in conjunction. Clearly I need a keyboard for my electronic planner—of all the things about my last Palm, I miss having a keyboard the most.

Forgot dinner again—I’m such a weirdo. But I did step on the scale this morning, and I’ve either lost 6 pounds if you believe my scale, or 12 pounds if you believe my scale AND the scale at the medical screening last week. I’m inclined to believe “six” rather than “twelve” at this point.

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