Bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun

Sun June 5 – Let’s see: Church, the Park and the guys at Fighter Practice, the afternoon at Donna’s, a tired drive home, and forgetting to eat dinner.

The afternoon at Donna’s was fun. We were getting together specifically to work on (a) the security issues and internet access on her desktop computer and (b) practicing ASL together. It amazes me how much I still remember from Jr. high and spending time with Mary and her family (ASL was her first language). But I am nervous sometimes “teaching” ASL tips to Donna, since I know I am *not* as well practiced as I should be, and I wouldn’t presume to say that I was fluent in ASL. But I have learned some tips here and there, and I hope that I’m doing it justice.

And before I jetted off to Donna’s, I stopped off in the park to see my Shire buddies. Because guess what I got back yesterday at Coronation?!? My armor!

Yep, I’m going to learn (or is that re-learn?) to do that sword-fighting stuff again. After the camping trip over Memorial Day weekend, my friend Thomas posted to an email list a long story about how much fun he had with javelins on the war field. And he’d like to develop teams of javelineers who can work together—one person throwing, one person handing off additional javelins.

So I wrote to a friend of mine to see if she ever used the stainless steel breastplate and backplate that I gave to her. Turns out she can’t fight after all (her retinas could detatch if she received a hard enough blow to the head), and so she was happy to bring back the armor.

I took the armor out to the park to have the guys look at it and help me evaluate how to build my full armor kit. Then I kicked off my shoes (can’t fight on the grass in heels) and practiced handing javelins to Thomas. We timed it—we can lob 12 javelins in 24 seconds without any practice! Wow. So this is definitely as exciting as I thought it would be, and suddenly have more stuff in my schedule all over again. *grin*

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