Flip the Calendar Day

Mon Aug 1 – Ah. “First Day of the Month” organizational routines. Yes dearies, I think of the first of the month as my “flip the calendar” day and there are all sorts of new month/old month tasks that get done today.

First, at work, I was pleased to finish up my July status report, email it to my boss, and have her go “wow, thanks for getting that in on time!” Nice warm fuzzies to start the day.

On the email front, being away from my computer yesterday meant quite a few tasks and correspondence pieces piled up, which I’m whittling at one by one. I think I’ll be spending August getting more caught up on archived email—the stuff I bundled up and threw into a folder to “deal with later.” I think that will be my August organizational goal.

There are some other month-end reports I have to figure out or prepare, including some web stats for the sites I manage. The shire site is easy to report on, but this will be the first month I try to produce some stats for the theatre site.

I ran into my nieces’ dad yesterday (he was in Wizard of Oz, as one of the Winkle guards under the Wicked Witch’s spell in her castle) and we caught up on his initial idea to create a web site for his sports camp with the high schoolers. So that project is starting to sneak up on me sometime soon.

And then there’s the big task where I really do “flip my calendar” and log some things in my day runner, sync my Palm, and check all my notes floating around to make sure everything that was put off “for a few days” has actually been filed or logged or put on the right to-do list. It’s actually one of my favorite personal tasks every month.

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