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Tue Aug 2 – Actually, yesterday’s the “flip the calendar” task took hardly any time at all this month, as apparently I’ve been keeping up on things more often in July. Good to know!

I dropped by the old place after work Monday night and got three boxes of random desk items plus my ironing board & iron. It’s a little daunting to look at my old bedroom and see that I still have so much to pack, so I’m trying not to think about it too much—just focus on “do one more thing” and take a load over every time I possibly can. And although I really wanted to spend time at my computer last night, I just came home too exhausted to do more than just sink into bed as soon as possible.

But this morning (Tuesday) I emptied all three boxes from last night’s run, and straightened up around my room again. It always looks easier to work on early in the morning than late at night.
* * * * *

The work day went really well (oh, my head! Learning new software, quickly!) but I was very thankful at the end of the day to head out for my normal evening routines. First just the standard errands on the way home—make a deposit at the bank, do a little shopping. But it wasn’t normal shopping—I’m still in “replace my spinning bag” mode and since my new lucet arrived this weekend (it’s gorgeous!), I dropped by Michael’s Crafts to get the supplies I need for my three lucet projects. I also found a black canvas tote, very similar to the stolen one, so I now have a new spinning bag with my projects. There should be several packages in my mail which I’ll be able to pick up Thursday when I’m in town for the monthly shire meeting.

Then off to the studio for rehearsal. We really enjoyed ourselves, and one of our new songs, “Battery,” is currently one of my favorites, although the suggestively named “Sex Dreams” is also a great song—and it’s not too explicit in the lyrics to make me squeamish. That’s the funny thing about writing in our band. Sometimes the guys not only write all the music before I write any lyrics, they name the song too. They named “Sex Dreams” before it was handed to me, and I felt somewhat obligated to try and make the song consistent. But since I was having a really hard time figuring out how to do that, our guitarist wrote a set of lyrics at first to give me a head-start. Bless him, he did a lovely job and I was able to leap-frog off his ideas and write something I was really pleased with and felt comfortable singing. I imagine just the title of the song will worry a few family and friends, but trust me it’s merely suggestive and doesn’t cross the line too much. *grin*

“Battery” is a different beast entirely. I’m still not certain I really wrote one consistent story—it still has a small sense of being two different songs in my head. But I continually wake up singing it in my head, and it makes a great car anthem for me to sing loud and with gusto while driving. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my band?
* * * * *

After the studio I went over to pick up Lilya for our work day together Wednesday. She was late getting home from her local monthly council meeting, so her housemate Nathan and I got to chat for over an hour. We have some strange things in common, and I have a very comfortable time around him. It’s fun meeting friends that are really family, and finally getting to know one another in that just-us-one-on-one way that cements that bond of friendship. And once Lilya and I were headed home she confirmed that he really appreciates me as a friend and that I’m always welcome in his home. How very very comforting.

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