Estrella: High Highs, Low Lows

Estrella: High Highs, Low Lows – I pack, I’m scared by my car, I have a great roomie. We get on the road, a firepit takes out a windshield, no one is hurt. The airport issue is resolved by kind-hearted SCA folks. We set up camp, I get into a routine, it rains for two days straight, my feet are never warm or dry. I led the heavy fighters to the field in song. We lose a fighter to an actual death. We grieve. I write a memorial verse, I lead the rapier fighters in song after tying black arm bands on in Al’s name. We grieve. The sun comes out, I shop. The Caidan Grand Court procession is remarkable. We party. The sun really comes out, I actually buy things, I really party. We get home safely.

We grieve together, we remember together. We live on. We never forget. (read more…)

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