4 thoughts on “Colds, Clean Rooms, & Extroverts

  1. ngelinadb says:

    Very good points about extroverts, especially about y’all being that busy because you want to be. I think a lot of the literature/commentary is about understanding introverts, because they’re the minority (and they think about it more). (I test just this side of extrovert, or I X out. And I think it’s easy for people to forget that no one’s all one thing or another; it’s really a sliding scale of just how much alone time one needs–which can change.)

    • Cat Ellen says:

      Really? You think the introverts are in the minority? Gosh, I’d have guessed it the other way around — true extroverts seem to be in the minority, in my experience so far.

      • teffan says:

        In the general population, people who score as “introverts” are a definite minority. Your/my crowd is probably weighted down with more of the minority than is found in the rest of the world 🙂

      • ngelinadb says:

        I had from Sir Andrea, years ago, that on a national average the Es outweigh the Is and the STs outweigh the NFs. The Society, however, tends to sort the other way. Haven’t looked up the figures myself, though, and the part about the Society is just a wild-ass guess, of course. (Or as Thomas is wont to say, “The plural of anecdote is not data.”)

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