12 thoughts on “Things I Love About You

    • Cat Ellen says:

      (1) I love your beaming smile — you light up whole buildings, not just rooms
      (2) I love your hard-work on projects
      (3) I love your reliability — I know you can be a rock

    • Cat Ellen says:

      (1) I love your passion for dance, for music, and for art — and especially, the way in which you inspire others to excel
      (2) I love your adorable laugh
      (3) I love your sincere heart for people — it truely shows, how much you care

    • Cat Ellen says:

      (1) I love when you completely light up in a gigantic smile
      (2) I love your passion for your art
      (3) I love the devotion you have for your family, and for your darling husband (it gives me hope)

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