Cleaning Frenzy

Tue Jul 5 – Finished the beta manual! Yippee! Well, not completely finished, but good enough for a beta class. My boss was impressed that I was able to finish it so quickly, and sent me home early for all the long hours I’d been putting in.

So after dropping off the manual with Kinko’s, I was able to get home at a really decent hour. This gave me hours and hours to unpack my car from the weekend, vacuum the carpet that I had in the park, get my laundry put together, and then tackle the kitchen. I’m looking forward to having a kitchen for only two people rather than four, but it felt wonderful to work hard at making a clean and beautiful kitchen again. Post-coffee-bar has a lot of cleaning, and before I could wash everything, I had to pick up from everything else.

With Mel home, we were able to tackle the refrigerator for several minutes. I was able to condense the other roomies food down to the lower two shelves, scrub all the shelves, and designate the top shelf as off-limits and only for Mel and me. It’s been tough to find room in the fridge with all four of us, so hopefully this will make it easier on two of us. And hopefully the other two don’t take offense that I’ve gone on a scouring and cleaning spree.

It’s almost worth counting this afternoon/evening as equivalent to a workout in the gym.

I made it to the studio on time, and they didn’t seem upset that I missed rehearsal on Saturday. Steve is working on sending CDs and marketing promo packets to several venues, possibly to book some live shows, so we’re splitting our efforts between practicing a live set and continuing our work on the next CD. It was a good rehearsal, and a decent drive home. After a quick shower (because all that cleaning was smelly sweaty work), it’s now time to crash and start all over again tomorrow morning. G’night.

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