Laundry and Phone Charm

Wed Jul 6 – Beta class today. Originally I thought that I’d be bored, not getting to multi-task, but I actually had plenty to do. Very cool. After class, I went touring a number of apartments as potential places. The first place in Long Beach was gorgeous, the second place in Lakewood was on a heavy trafficked intersection (blech), and the two apts close to our apartment now were just ickier and ickier. The last one was over the garages for an apt complex, looking out over a sea of garages and alleyways. It was depressing, and made the pretty places look even nicer.

Finally, I went to do laundry, and while there got a chance to get the application for this beautiful apt over in Long Beach. The manager’s partner was just a few blocks away, and so she brought over copies of the application while I was waiting on the dryer cycle. I was pouring on the phone charm (as I call it) so much that another guy doing his laundry was compelled to ask me what I was trying so hard to get. *grin*

House-hunting is tiring work, but worth it.

And of course, after laundry, I’ve been spending a few hours ironing everything and putting it away, organizing around my room, and watching junk TV from the Food Network in the background. When “normal TV” is on sabbatical in the summer, I finally get a chance to watch other shows that I never would normally get to see. Mer’s gotten me addicted to watching “Good Eats” for the science and silliness of his cooking tips.

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