Bob’s Lefties Are Us

Sun Jul 3 – Church was church, nothing new to report. Fighter Practice was fantastic, including the new stretching routines coordinated by Caelfind and Eogan. I still have issues with my left shoulder, and so Caelfind has given me some specific stretching to work on it and recommended ibuprofen to get the swelling down over the next several weeks.

I spent some time working with several different fighters today, and specifically sought out Bob’s advice on left-handed sword-fighting. His explanation style really clicked for me, verbally, so I plan to continue getting his input regularly. I’ve noticed that different fighters just don’t make sense to me in one way or another, but Bob has the kind of verbal approach that clicks in my head. Other fighters, it seems that it would be best if I watch and imitate their moves—visually their fighting style makes sense. And I’m finally getting a better sense of how to take all the different input from all the different people, and start distilling it into what is uniquely my style.

Morgana and Brian, Dayle, and I went to Pirate’s Grub and Grog last week, so this week Morgana, Brian, True, and I went over to Roxbury Deli for dinner. [There is something amazing about any ol’ hot gruel served right after you’ve been on the fighting field, swinging a sword!] And although I had gyros last night, the gyros looks amazing this time too.

Then I picked up some donated shire goods from Morgana’s, delivered them to Etain’s, hung out with her and Alaric and all the kitties, until finally exhaustion started to hit me. Hearing Dayle’s voice in my head, I gave her a call to see if I might be able to stay at her place, rather than drive all the way home. Morgana had offered, but I hadn’t packed an overnight bag, so I had turned her down earlier in the afternoon. But once I got that tired, staying at Dayle’s and doing laundry while we sat watching tv or chatting sounded like a wonderful idea.

I keep pajamas and clean socks etc. in my car, so I could at least put on clean jammies while hanging out. Ken has just gotten home from Korea, so I didn’t really want to impose, but he was sleeping and so it didn’t seem like I was causing too much of an interruption of any alone time of theirs. And Dayle welcomed me warmly, so I took her at her word that I wasn’t inconveniencing her. Tomorrow is the big ol’ July Fourth, with lots of driving and visiting, so I’m very very thankful for Dayle’s hospitality.

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