Black Oak Lodge and Baby!

Black Oak Lodge and Baby! – I write a long recap of Black Oak Lodge, including my roomie’s success as the Bard of Darach, meandering thoughts about vegetarian feast needs (and thankfulness for a cook’s re-engineering consideration), wild weather reports, Fozzie Bear voices and silly peers, not braining a beloved Countess with a fire poker… and then the birth of my best friends’ baby: Benjamin Maurice. Since then one “More String Better!” arts and sciences, a cute and flippy short haircut, and cleaning up around Jeff’s house for all the incoming moms-in-law and family. Oh, and three more photo albums. (read more…)

3 thoughts on “Black Oak Lodge and Baby!

  1. grnjenny says:

    Oooh, please say “hi” to Medb Renata from Green Jenny the next time you see/talk to her…

    Benjamin M. is Lot’s (and his lady’s), yes? Do you think it’s OK to post something to the Northshield Rapier list??

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