Arts, Music, Suprises, and Stuff

Arts, Music, Suprises, and Stuff – Lyondemere Arts and Archery: The science/math of spinning and the art of color blending. Some miscellaneous bits, including the bardic exhibition at Robin Hood tourney. And then there’s Crown Tourney, where I have an emotional experience with a 30-year-old song, and am surprised in Court. Finally, wind down the weekend celebrating birthdays. (read more…)

16 thoughts on “Arts, Music, Suprises, and Stuff

    • Cat Ellen says:

      *laughs* I don’t think any one thought I =HADN’T= heard the song before!! You should have seen the shocked looks of “You’ve never heard it?!? You only learned it THIS MORNING?!?!”

      So I’ve been giving people the assignment: “If you have an old-school song you want me to sing, EMAIL me and tell me what it is, so I can research it, learn it, and have it polished and ready for request!”

      I figure that puts the assignment back out into the universe, and we’ll see what comes back to me.

      • raventhourne says:

        Okay, I do know that song…yes, its wrenching…but so haunting.

        The very first time I ever hear “Born on the List Field” I got really confused…I’d only known “Whore on the List Field”…oops.

        Oh, btw, happy pointy hat!

  1. amberdisa says:

    Gosh, congratulations, Your Excellency! Good wishes coming your way all the way from Jamaica. Talk about well deserved…

    “Burden of the Crown” is one of the songs I first heard on the “Son of SCA Bards Sampler” CD put out by Raven Boy Music (link here). Both “Bard Samplers” are very good, and “A Turning of Seasons” is awesome, and of course Baron Thomas’s CD…oh, it’s all good. Check it out.

    I think you’d like “Old Used Queen,” too 🙂

    Congratulations again, Baroness Dame Eilidh Swann. We all want to be just like you when we grow up!

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