17 thoughts on “New icon

    • Cat Ellen says:

      It was your cute “photo out on the town in my hottie silver dress” that inspired me to take this photo. Of course, the curls look better straight from the curling iron than at end of day *grin*

  1. hroar says:

    Looks good to me!
    BTW, on anotehr topic, we ar ebringing an epinetron to Crown fo r you to test out with some wool in need of carding…

  2. fausta_rutilia says:

    I saw one of your cute little curls on Sunday, I wanted to say something but you were very busy all day 🙂 I have always wished my hair would curl, but gravity kind of defeats that for me.

  3. whitechocchip says:

    awww that is teh cute!
    I miss cali, I miss SCA, why does my baby bro get to have all the fun at Estrella?
    In other news, I may be about to lose my job.
    How goes it with you?

  4. raventhourne says:

    cute! The curls are adorable.

    Course I still get weirded out since I’ve only seen you without your SCA hair at the retreat.

    Course most SCA folks never see me with my hair completely down which is something I’ve been trying to do at work all of the time to make sure its growing okay

    • Cat Ellen says:

      I love that I’ve managed to (for years now) have such different hair between “Cat has short hair” and “Eilidh has long hair.” It makes it all so fun for me. 🙂

      And gosh, I cannot remember if I’ve ever seen you with your modern look, either!

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