Working by Color

Pinks and Purples

One of my customers placed an order for some yarn in White and Pink and some in Pink and Purple. To get ready to spin, two weekends ago I spent several evenings prepping the fiber. I’ve been dying fiber for several years, just saving it in my stash “for someday.” I can hardly contain my excitement that “someday” has finally arrived!

The pinks and purples are ready now, and I took some nice photos last week.

The full collection of pinks and purples, fluffed and ready to spin

Comparing the dyed materials to some undyed white wool

I spun for one evening last week, but I haven’t taken any photos yet. I’ll finish the pink and white yarn this week.

Starting the Blues

I set aside the Pink order this past weekend to do some last-minute quick hand-sewing. A close friend needed to wear a tassle belt for a performance on Sunday night. After class on Friday night, I volunteered to put one together for her.

Detail from photo by Richard Lowe Jr, (c)
See the original photo here:

The top layer of shiny fabric comes from scraps I had in my stash (a dress from 15 years ago); the lining is made from scrap linen (a dress from 10 years ago); the top band is a hand-woven inkle woven piece of trim I won in a raffle (made by my friend Joe/Balthazar); and the tassles are attached with a 4-strand viking whip cord braid I’ve been working on since last summer.

The tassles are temporary, because they are made from primarily chenille yarns. Chenille is too fragile to hold up to the vigors of regular dancing, so this was always intended as just a “round one” version of the belt. You can see her wearing the belt here:

I had about 30 minutes before my drum class last night (which I take with/from these guys:  and so I sat down at the wheel with some indigo hand-dyed wool from my stash. The wool as been around since the Fiber Retreat in 2007. You can see the original wool drying on the fence here:

The original wool dyed at the Fiber Retreat, 2007
The original photo can be found here:

My camera was in the car, but I snapped this image with my phone.

73 yards of yarn, measured out on my warping board. Quarter under a single strand, for scale.
The white strings are helping me mark 10-yard measures of yarn. Original photo:

I set the twist last night, and I’ll be making new tassles from this yarn. I’m already excited about the next wool in my stash that I plan to use and finally spin.

I love that Someday is Finally Here.

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