7 thoughts on “Where the Threads Come From

  1. not_justagirl says:

    you’ve inspired me to stop being afraid of weaving with the beautiful hand spun wool a friend of mine gave me and actually use it instead of hoarding it in a bag…

    I need to learn to stop treating hand crafted stuff as museum pieces and use them as they were intended… thank you for that honey!

    and yes… there will be pictures =)

  2. hroar says:

    Intersting you woudl saw tht right now..I am making a thread plying bowl for a customer. (actually, a thing that has six side bowls and a central plying thingie..)

    • gargoyal3 says:

      Those are fun! I made one a long time ago, but it didn’t work quite right. My only issue with it was getting the insides of the “spouts” smooth enough without glazing, any tiny roughness of the clay will catch the thread and make the bowl “jump”

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