Retail Therapy Goodness

Wed Jul 20 – Hmm. The floor isn’t all that bad, in the new place. Not bad at all. The shower is the tiniest thing I’ve ever seen, *anywhere.* But the floor was not that uncomfortable last night! *grin*

I’ll have to remember to take some “before” photos to compare after we get all our furniture moved in this weekend and finish unpacking and decorating.

* * * * *
Why is it that there are so many different “categories” when you go shopping? Take Target, for example. When I first walked in, after work, I thought “Gee, isn’t it nice how every Target is laid out the same, so no matter what town you’re in, you know where to head for your shopping.” Then as I began to meander, I amended my thoughts to, “Okay, they’re not identical. But they are pretty similar. See, here’s shoes. Here’s toys. Here’s music and videos. Over here should be bath and kitchen….”

The goal was simple: Find two kitchen trash cans. Preferably the cheap plastic kind (not the expensive metal ones). Must have a lid. Preferably the “step-on-a-lever-to-open” kind, but hand-flipping the lid might be okay.

They weren’t in bath or kitchen or garden or home improvement. Well, the $100 ones of metal were in kitchen, but that was silly. I went in circles three times, until I thought that maybe a good substitute would be those large pet food containers.

Then near the checkout, next to “sodas and candy” were the mops and brooms. Inspiration struck, and I double-checked. Yup, there’s a whole new section for mops, brooms, household cleansers, and you guessed it, tall kitchen cans. Didn’t mops and brooms used to be over by the hangers and storage bins and ironing boards and paper towels? When did they decide to split them out and move them over by sodas and snacks?


But now I’m the proud owner of two bright white shiny clean new tall kitchen trash cans, *with* step-on-lever-to-open feature!

I know, you really wanted to read about shopping for trash cans. *giggle*

The nice thing was that at band the other night, our keyboardist had gotten his tax return and so he paid us all our portion of the band-expenses tax-return money. So I had plenty of “shop for the new apartment money” to spend. I got a cute foam mat for the kitchen that has that vintage art of two coffee cups (one says cappuccino and the other says espresso), a trestle-design mat for the front door, said trash cans, a new bathroom scale, some hand towels and potholders to match our muted avacado kitchen counter tiles, and a new shower head with the hand-held nozzle and 5′ hose. The old one was too short, even for me (at my lofty 5’4″!), and since the shower barely has room to turn around in, it needed versatility. *grin*

Not all that eventful of a day, as adventures go, but full of nesting retail therapy goodness.

2 thoughts on “Retail Therapy Goodness

  1. Mom says:

    And if your Mom gets your address, she might be able to stop in sometime and maybe even taking you shopping for some house-warming gifts! *grin*

  2. Cat Ellen says:

    Right now the house is a lot of empty floor space. If you don’t mind, I’ll wait until I have my furniture moved before I invite friends and family to visit me. But there will be a house-warming party, really there will be!

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