Personal Year in Review 2021

2021 was not much of a year to describe. We started with political insurrection during quarantine, here in the US. We ended still in quarantine. The first day of the year was Day #296 for me in quarantine, the last day of the year is now Day #660. There was a short break in the middle, two weeks of July when I was required to be “back in the office” in person. And there were a few small trips here and there, along with the relief that was two vaccinations and one booster.

But it’s still not over.

So what do I have to look back on?

One thing I do regularly is sort my photos at the end of each month so that I can watch my artistic progress. It’s hard to remember sometimes what happened or what I accomplished, without that tangible record to enjoy.

I posted some individual highlight photos over on Facebook in Cayswann Crafts.

highlights posted on Cayswann Crafts (Facebook)

I made seven albums of just concentrated homework photos, shared with my weaving and spinning mentor.

Then a few albums focused on the classes or events over at Franquemont University (online courses and international textiles community).

There were other crafty albums from virtual events or personal pursuits or artistic distractions or ongoing homework or stash building or class preparations or skill development.

And then there were just a few special times with friends and family.

I took the time to highlight ALL MY PHOTOS in 2021, minus photos from other people for events and some obvious memes and administrative images, just to get an automated count for how many photos I took. There were 2100 images or videos to document my year. Two thousand, one hundred images. At one point I actually declared out loud, “That was THIS YEAR!??! How was THAT from THIS YEAR?!?!” (A shipment that left Peru in December 2018 arrived in April 2021. I did NOT realize that was THIS year.)

Although I often say that I “no longer know how to TIME,” when I look through my photo albums, apparently I do know how to capture memories.

While the past 660 days have been pretty horrible, my year has had a few bright spots. I am so thankful for my closest family and friends, my employment, my home, my crafty pursuits, my online friends, and my ability to feel so thankful in such a time.

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