Painting for the Holidays

My latest crafty project idea hit me while I was driving one evening: Hand-painted stationery cards, inspired by henna designs. I love getting henna or “glitter tattoos” applied at some of our dance events, and I could easily picture making blank cards with henna designs.

From the first set of cards

The second evening, I imagined the cards embellished with bits of glitter.

Embellished with gold glitter

 Then I imagined the cards painted in other colors besides brown (the color of henna designs on the skin).

The second sets of cards

The glitter accents looked good on color, too.

Only one card per set included glitter highlights

All in all, I created four sets of four cards each, one for my Mom, my sister, and for each of my nieces.

Two sets were painted in traditional henna colors

Two sets were painted in non-traditional henna colors

These have all been given away as gifts. But I plan to offer similar sets of cards in the etsy store in 2013.

I hope you all had lovely holidays. See you in the new year.

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