New furniture, tired body

Yesterday was absolutely lovely and today as completely exhausting. I’m going to have to remember to take photos of these amazing carved end tables and coffee table, to show off how incredible they are. But back to the story-telling.

I left work early on Friday, to do this truck project, and when I arrived home my roomie Mel was already there. Bless her heart, I love how reliable she is! I really ought to spend more time with her, because she is so darn cool.

The weather, however, was not cool and there’s nothing like being stuck in LA Friday get-away traffic in the heat. But we drove up in her car, used the A/C a bit when we were actually traveling at a good clip, and just stuck it out while we were, well, stuck. She’s doing a sword-teaching and demo thing at the Ren Faire with friends tomorrow, so while I drove, she was hand-stiching another new doublet. She’s doing some amazing things with “slash-and-puff” techniques, in preparation for teaching a class this fall, and it’s fun to also admire her skill and creativity with a needle and thread.

Thankfully picking up the U-Haul was non-eventful, and all we needed to do was fill up her tank and send her on her way.

I got over to Mom’s and Larry’s, and he helped me pack everything into the truck. Mom had survived the Northridge earthquake, years ago, and gained a healthy dose of CA earthquake paranoia. I say a “healthy dose” because it means she does those things you’re *supposed* to do in California—strap your bookcases to walls, use earthquake-hold on your breakables, etc. Unfortunately, this means that one of my end tables currently has a lamp affixed to the glass top so securely that we can’t remove it. The goo hasn’t exactly hardened, but the ceramic is pressed so tightly that we can’t get *to* the goo to break its suction-hold on the glass. This, of course, complicated wrapping and packing the glass table tops for the move. Let’s say I drove with a bit of trepidation of jarring and breaking things.

I’d forgotten to get rope or ties, to secure everything in the back of the truck. But my step-brother had ties to loan me, which solved the problem.

Since Mom and Larry are headed out on vacation, and won’t be here for Mother’s Day, my step-sister threw a big Mom’s-Day-bash for all the family mommies Friday night. So after we finished packing the truck, I went over with Mom and Larry to Petula’s house, and we had a great dinner and visit with everyone. Pet is also a hair-stylist, by trade, and she’s created this really *lovely* studio in her garage at her home. Since she was coloring my Mom’s roots and trimming her dad’s hair, I managed to stand in line and get a trim while I was there. I was highly complimented that she didn’t think my hair looked like I had been the one to cut it (I had, twice), but it was nice to get a real trim and the correct shaping done to the back of the hair. I have to admit, it feels really weird to have the neckline shaved/trimmed so close, but I’m sure I’ll be glad for it later. Right now I just keep playing with it, kind of like when guys get their heads shaved and they play with the stubble afterwards.

Finally, I had to decide to just crash on Mom’s couch since I was too tired to drive home yet. It was disorienting to be stranded somewhere without my car, since I have all my overnight supplies always packed—pajamas, toothbrush, hairbrush, contact solution and case, etc. But I managed and had a lovely sleep in before getting my contacts back in and a huge latte for the road.

The drive was uneventful, and unpacking was exhausting. But now I have three bookcases in my room, a coffee table and two end tables (and a stuck lamp!) in the living room, and the house is really starting to look grown-up and adult. Not quite like a make-over show on cable, but not quite so college.

And we had our last rehearsal of the month at the studio, since all the guys are taking one week vacations one week after another all month long. This should afford me some extra time to compose lyrics for the third CD, and take some time to get organized and motivated again in several other projects. I like to joke that I’m “single-and-bored-bored-bored” but I’m not really bored in life in general. When friends say I wouldn’t have time to date anyways, I know I’d be likely to change my schedule for someone special, but then again I wonder what projects would I really drop? I *do* enjoy my hectic full life, and I’m quite thankful for it.

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