versus Friendster, etc.

Anyone else have problems setting up I can no longer remember what email address I used for Friendster, three years ago, and so I was planning to convert to anyways. Then a friend mentioned being on there, so I thought okay maybe now I’ll finally tackle it. And it’s given me nothing but grief all morning.

I’m beginning to feel very grateful I hadn’t set my sights on setting up an account there to promote my band.

Technology is letting me down today.

4 thoughts on “ versus Friendster, etc.

  1. lijss says:

    I’ve been on there for ages, so I don’t remember having any issues. Is there an error message or something that pops up? I do feel that Myspace has more technical glitches than Friendster, but I think it also has more options and bonuses, as well as increased traffic. When you get it figured out, add me as a friend too! I’m listed as Liz, but you can find me on acdntlpoet’s friend list 🙂

  2. Cat Ellen says:

    I threw my hands up in disgust and tossed out myspace. I never thought of it as a parallel to LJ (which runs great, if you ask me) but similar to Friendster or (where several other friends are).

    But I’m feeling like an old fogey today, not hip enough for the technology of “kids these days.”

  3. Cat Ellen says:

    You’re all dears, but I gave up on it and so sadly, I won’t be adding you as my friends over there. I had been testing its usability with the idea of creating a space for my band, but it just never seemed to work right.

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