High Tea with the Ladies

Sun Aug 21 – This morning I had a nice sleep-in, then unpacked three more boxes from my room. Would you believe I found an old box of FIVE-AND-A-HALF-INCH floppies!!?! They were museum pieces, for certain. One was labeled “1989” and another I know was from 86 or 85. *giggle* I put them on a shelf just for that “museum” admiration for a day or two, then I know I plan to throw them out this week.

Afterwards my roommate and I drove up to my home shire to meet a dozen SCA lady friends for “High Tea” at a Tea House. We had 3 or 4 different types of tea (or tisane, for the ones that were just herbal and/or floral infusions with no actual tea plants in them), finger sandwiches, savory quiches and fruit, hot scones with hand-made lemon curd, sweet devon cream, and strawberry preserves, then desserts like cream puffs, macaroons, chocolates, lady fingers, etc. It was probably nearly a 2-hour event that was simply heavenly. We’re hoping maybe we can make it a quarterly event to have tea together.

Then most of us waddled (hee hee) off to Patricia’s house to just chat for another hour, pick through her garb closet and cloth (because she’s moving and selling a few pieces). Then Melissa and I went to pick up my mail and then hang out with Kelly, Brian, and Morgana.

Finally we realized it was 10 pm and neither of us had eaten any dinner yet, so we did Taco Bell drive through and then the ride home together. Mel had brought CDs for the day’s drive, and we had a very silly time singing together, chatting, and just hanging out. (And she got lots of knitting done since I was the one driving.)

I bought tons of yards of wool cloth from Patricia, so I can make some felted wool dresses to go with all my linen clothes. I’m working on making all my costumes “look like the pictures” and so although most of the clothing from early and mid 1300’s England should be in wool (for the English weather), I use linen for Southern California’s weather. But occasionally it’s cold when we’re camping, or we’ll be at an air-conditioned location, so I’d really like to have some outfits “done correctly” with the wool dress and linen underdress. I understand that it’s actually not as hot as you would think, if you use the right kind of wool.

The larger piece of wool is a rich goldenrod color. Since my “shield” in this society is designed in black and gold, I’m always looking for the perfect way to “wear my colors” in my costuming. Right now I just have my favorite jewel tones in linen (burgundy, deep teal/green, cobalt blue) and I’m starting to branch out to include the golds and yellows. I’ll include pictures here when I start working on the dresses.

That’s it for my weekend. I hope your weekend was lovely, too.

2 thoughts on “High Tea with the Ladies

  1. Uncle Dennis says:

    I still consider the 5&1/2″ floppies as new and usable. I have a friend that uses them as primary … and that 3&1/2″ (my primary) is the new one for her computer.

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