Food *and* Exercise

I finally took the time to look over, and compared my food and exercise of Monday and Tuesday this week. Looks like if I never ever exercise, and eat like I normally do right now, I’m still going to gain roughly a pound a month. Just like back in college. Gee, how disheartening. But the good thing is that when I *do* exercise, it would be the equivalent of losing three pounds per week. This should be some helpful encouragement when I’m trying to work out 3-5x/week… workout days send me down the path to weight loss. Non-workout days not only don’t, but aren’t active enough for even just a plain plateau. *blech* Guess I’ll have to work some actual walking, real exercise-type walking, into a non-gym day if I want to hold steady and/or continue losing weight. Good to know.

I also got most of the church website updated again, which was satisfying. I’ve got to work on having the hosting and registration switched over to my own accounts, to be able to add the coldfusion database elements that I’m learning from Hope and the shire website, but it’s nice to finally get back on track in projects that were slipping by the wayside.

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