Finishing up late

Fri Aug 5 – The big deadline at work, finally done. I sat through a snooze-fest training seminar over my lunch hour that taught me nothing about the software. So to wake up a bit and get all my errands done, I left the office for a while. Dropped by the bank, shopped a little at Target, and went for a pedicure. Way too decadent and wonderful, but well worth it. I probably haven’t had one in a year, so it was lovely!

Back the office I finally deciphered several process docs, formatted the data, did the import and *voila* my certification training exam is ready for review.

(By the way, we’re hiring. Anyone else you know want to work for an incredible software company in the Irvine area, writing training materials? You too could refer someone to work in the same job title that I have.)

However, the hours it took to put in on this project meant that I’ve been here awfully late tonight. But once my real work was turned in, I was able to balance my checkbook and pay all my bills for the next two weeks.

Does anyone else find it discouraging sometimes that you never get to keep all the money that you get in your paycheck? I mean, really! Wouldn’t it be nice to occasionally get a paycheck and think “gee, not a single bill has to be paid with this one.”

Tomorrow is our annual Pirate-themed tournament, hosted right on the beach in a park that is (more often than not) foggy and cloud-locked. Looks like Nathan decided against going (too many things to do) although he promised he’d be going to GWW this fall (an almost week-long camping trip in October).

So it’s just Lilya and I carpooling up for the event, spending the night at Dayle’s with whomever else is crashing there, and staying for brunch in the morning. I’m looking forward to a lazy hang-out-with-friends weekend. I had some panic packing to do tonight and early tomorrow morning, but all is well. All is well.

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2 thoughts on “Finishing up late

  1. Yvonne says:

    I agree with the paycheck thingy…bills that need to be paid as soon as the paycheck get deposited. Maybe some day there will be a little extra to “have fun with.”

    Have fun this weekend Cat. Bryce is doing well, trying to roll-over, babbling much more, and being gosh-darn cute!

    Talk with you soon!

  2. Pamela says:

    I think once you get the “adult” status, the paycheck never really ever belongs to you again. I agree, it sucks!

    I am sorry I am missing pirate tourney again!

    Just to give you a heads up though, August of next year, we will be moving to AZ so I can go to next years GWW!!!! Yea! Whoo hooo!

    CAll me for more details.
    Love you and miss you,

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