Filling in Some of the Blanks

Filling in Some of the Blanks I’ve been logging some of the adventures in my life in other locations. So here’s a set of breadcrumbs and summary information about CaySwann Dance – my Dance Teacher Blog, Photos from the Past Several Months, Projects and more Projects, and New Work. 

Filling in Some of the Blanks

I last wrote you all to tell you about how awesome it was dance and study and earn my General Skills certificate from Carolena Nericcio, creator of ATS® – American Tribal Style bellydance.

There’s been many adventures since then, so I thought maybe I should leave a small set of breadcrumbs here. My long-range goal is to finally collate all my journaling efforts into one home. And since that effort is not yet complete, please allow me to share a few links and thumbnail stories with you.

CaySwann Dance – my Dance Teacher Blog

I’ve been posting thoughts specifically from the perspective of being a new Dance Teacher over at CaySwann Dance.

Photos from the Past Several Months

I continue to make an effort to upload photos to Flickr, username cayswann.

Projects and more Projects

Now I’m wrapping up all the paperwork details to prepare for the Great Western War, GWW, camping event with the middle ages group. I’m on the team for the GWW website and the head of the team taking care of the land allocation arrangements for nearly 2000 people.

I’ve been continuing to create floral hair clips in my spare time, to sell at bellydance haflas (parties) and custom commissions from customers. I’ve just started working on tie-dyeing scarves… with only two completed, I’m fairly pleased with the results. They are likely to go up on my etsy shop soon.

New Work

And I’m still at the new job that started immediately after I returned from General Skills. I’m a technical writer for the Engineering department in a webhosting company. I love working with so many extremely intelligent engineers and deveopers, and for such a motivated and exciting company. The arrangement was original a four-month contract which is currently on indefinite extension until they have the resources to make any sort of permanent offer. I’m extremely thankful for this job and all it does to keep me going.

Until next time, dear friends

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