Family Gift-Giving Day

Our family has the wonderful tradition of celebrating Hanukkah, working through Christmas, and then setting our “family second Christmas” or “family gift-giving day” later, post Santa-season. It’s hard to celebrate when you’re exhausted from working five gigs Xmas Eve and then four gigs Xmas Day. This year, we declared New Year’s Day to be Family-Holiday, even with two gigs on New Year’s Eve.

It was a marvelous day with family. I got to enjoy my annual “wake up early, watch the pre-parade show, make coffee, watch the Rose Parade live, and then watch as much infinite-loop broadcast as my family will allow.” They let me watch one full repeat, and they balked at a second repeat. Boyo was awakened by Santa’s medium-sized jingle bells bandolier, which tickles Papa to no end (after years of tiny Boyo waking a tired Papa way too early for stockings and presents). There were books, electronics, nostalgic toys, silly toys, candy, oranges, clothing, and general merriment. It was definitely a success.

My favorite view on Family-Holiday: Gifts ready and Rose Parade in infinite-loop on the TV

Accounts of #Strengths Today

In the crafty accounts, I finished the over-twist on the last bulky skein during the day on New Year’s Eve, and set up the center-pull ball before heading out for our gigs. Santa visits the good Armenian children on New Year’s Eve, and “Mrs Santa” can ply on her spindle while parked outside, waiting for Santa. Today, while enjoying “infinite loop” broadcasting of the Rose Parade, I finished up the plying and wound it off into a ball and stashed it in the project bag to measure bulky demo weaving warps for later. #crafty #strengths

Then I’ve been trying to get better at using my electronic records to keep from forgetting tasks, plus remember to log to-do lists and project plans. I remarked the other day that I needed a “brain white board” to keep track of “what’s next?” every time I wrap up another crafty task. I finally made a note that’s actually labeled, “Grand Whiteboard of All Projects.” I have several categories and bulleted lists starting to take shape. I love it.

My Google Calendar is also where I have started logging quick notes and reminders for things I should accomplish before specific deadlines. I was pleased to mark a few of them “done” today, as well as reschedule the ones I knew I couldn’t complete today.

Finally, I’ve been making significant efforts to improve my own around-the-house habits (wash the dishes more frequently, pick up my own clutter, put away crafty bits properly). This evening was another successful day for hitting some of those targets.  #organizing #strengths

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