Continuing the Saga of Yummy Foods

Continuing the Saga of Yummy Foods – Today’s food adventure includes pumpkin tortellini, yellow sunburst squash, carrots, roma tomatoes, a blush cream sauce, and fresh parmesan. However, I will need to shop for more fresh ingredients, and now for juices to spike my water. The car is running wonderfully, and I’m off to do many things tonight. (read more…)

7 thoughts on “Continuing the Saga of Yummy Foods

  1. teffan says:


    Do you ever add those powdered individual-serving flavorings to your water? That’s about the only way I can force myself to drink water during the day.

      • raventhourne says:

        Re: Water

        I’m a fan of the emergen-c packets…they have very little calories, no sugar or sugar substitutes and taste they are chock full of vitamins including B12.

          • raventhourne says:

            Re: Water

            Whole foods etc carries them. They run about 10-15 a box (costco has them too) but you get like 30 packets. I take about 1 or so per day…they help with energy and give you an immunity boost plus they taste really good.

      • ktmcg says:

        Re: Water

        If you like lemon and ginger, Trader Joe’s has an AWSOME lemon-ginger-echinacea juice blend that has been my water-spike for over a decade now – yum!! I drink seltzer/club soda, but I am sure it’s tasty in still water, too…

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