Coming Home, Unpacking

I woke with a start at 5:12 am this time. This is ridiculous. I’ve never been shown more clearly that I’m naturally a morning person than by how I sleep when I’m camping and there’s no TV to stay up late watching, no excessively comfy covers to burrow under, no snooze button, no morning traffic to try and avoid.

But again, I had a lovely shower (no shower lines!), dressed, trekked back across the site to our camp, set up coffee bar, and had my own cuppa before anyone else was up. I love living like this, and it reminded me how much I enjoy getting up before dawn to have coffee and putter around the house cleaning. Yes dear, I know, I’m absolutely bonkers.

Then we all started to break camp and pack the cars. I was glad to have my big car-toolkit in the hatchback, because a neighboring gentleman had problems with his truck. So I was able to loan them the right sized wrench (I think it was a wrench. I have no idea!) so they could get it running again.

Once everything was all packed, I stopped off for a full tank of gas, washing all the windows, and then stopped at a Rubio’s down the road for lunch. Turns out that Mina, Cat, and Lot were there too, so we got to spend one more meal together before going our respective ways.

I only had to nap once on the long drive home, just to cool down for a bit after driving into the setting afternoon sun (I am *so* much more a shade plant! No direct sunlight!) and then managed to stumble into the house. Geoff, bless his heart, really did get the loft bed put together in my bedroom and it’s really, Really cool. He even helped me drag the old box spring (hmm, no springs, it’s really just a box) out to the back alley so someone can either claim it or we can get it taken away. The loft is REALLY tall, and I can just barely sit up on the bed by ducking my head about an inch or two from the ceiling, but oh! the floor space this will give me!

It was *quite* exhausting to still have to crawl around making the bed with all the sheets and blankets (some of which really didn’t want to tuck under the mattress) but all done it’s really pretty. And I’m MORE than grateful that I bought the teak folding camp chair, because I only had a rolling desk chair in my room. And it’s easier to climb up and down the ladder to the loft if I have a solid chair next to it. A rolling chair would NOT have been a good idea.

So now the car is unpacked, I’m refreshed from a late evening shower, and it’s time to collapse.

2 thoughts on “Coming Home, Unpacking

  1. Dayle says:

    Okay, but it is just wrong wrong WRONG! to use “cuppa” in the same sentence as “coffee”. Don’t you be mangling proper British tea terminology, missy! Not on my watch!

    (What do you mean, no more tea for me today?) ;-P

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