Car Adventures, Part One

While I was comfortably shifting into job-hunting mode (again), one advantage is the freedom to drive anywhere to meet friends for lunch. So I made plans to have lunch with my friend Patrick on Tuesday, and right before I arrived, a new noise started on my car. We went to lunch in his car, he went back to work, I got back in my car, and the noise started again. It was a breathy sort of sputter, and it gave me all the bad feelings.

I drove to the first car shop I could find, and they discovered a crack in the exhaust manifold (whatever that means). Well, it means hours and hours of waiting plus spending hundreds of dollars. Since I had the money (and I certainly wasn’t driving anywhere), I rang up Patrick and his entire household agreed I could crash in the guest room.

We ended up going to the half-priced movies plus a quick dinner stop at Rubio’s (mmm, fish tacos for $1.50 each!) then back to their house to snuggle a small dog. By morning, it was time to snuggle the hairless cat (and get kitty head-butts to my chin). By lunch time (again), three of us had excellent (and cheap!) Thai food, then back to the car shop.

I paid for the car, drove away, and lost power climbing the hill at the Sepulveda Pass. Wait (in the car, in the sun) for the AAA tow guy, get towed off the fwy by the nice Metro Fwy Service Patrol before the AAA guy could get through traffic, then right back to the car shop that intially replaced my exhaust manifold, a catalytic converter, and an oxygen sensor (that was cracked). They discovered that the second catalytic converter (why does my car have two?!) was also clogged and would need to be replaced. It was causing the power loss.

Here’s the possible good news: (a) it is in the pipes and can be replaced with off-market parts rather than dealer parts and (b) it might actually be part of a Nissan recall. If it *is* a recall issue, then we have the dealership fix everything, possibly even reimburse me for the first work done. And then (c) I recently upgraded my AAA membership to Premium, even one step higher than Plus. Apparently this comes with a free rental car for a day if your car breaks down. So, AAA called to make my car reservation, my car shop guy drove me to the rental place, I got a shiny, bright red 2013 Jetta, and finally went home.

I never realized how *much* I adore the home I go to at night until I’d been kept away from home for a day and a half. *My* side of the bed. *My* computer. *My* routine to make coffee for the family and feed the kitty. *My* ability (when I’m not in an office) to go soak in a hottub before showering and getting dressed for the day. (Okay, that last one is a ridiculous perk, I know.)

I have a phone interview today plus several other job lead emails to write and/or answer. I still have to return the rental car today and find out what’s up with my car. And I still have several appointments on my calendar to keep—if I ever get to keep my own schedule again, with my own car.

I had some weaving plans for this week that were interrupted as was an appointment to start some costume sewing and planning. But I did manage to skein some yarn off my drop spindle and start some new spinning, so the two days out of routine were not a loss for my daily #CREATE efforts.

skeining off my Bollywood yarn, #CREATE day70

skeining off my Bollywood yarn, #CREATE day70

skein wound off (twice) and new spinning started #CREATE day71

skein wound off (twice) and new spinning started #CREATE day71

Edited: New information. Drat: not covered under recall. Double-drat: $500. Only good news: will be fixed today. #leSigh

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