A call-and-response: Summaries

Summary From A call-and-response

Things I challenged other people to do:
* jaroselket To bring her flute and play with me at an event
* cavalaxis To come over and pick out some hair pieces, so we can dye them and sew them to a fancy head scarf and make great braids and things for her; plus come perform at a Bardic Concert with me
* ciorstan Jokingly, make something early period? But seriously, I asked what she’d LIKE to be challenged with: To FINISH a project, and I added finish something by July 31st and report back to me what it is
* nomi_clawskull To enter a Bardic Contest or a Bardic Concert at war with me
* marymont Same as ciorstan: Either make something early period or tell me what you’d LIKE to be challenged with; and please help me construct a corset correctly
* teffan To come to Northshield –which I should have done by July 4th week!

People I still owe answers:
* capnlot
* catdfox
* oedi
* capnlot An answer to the question: “what things or sorts of things, if any, would you like to see “institutionalized” in the household?”
* teffan
* czina

Things people challenged me to do:
* cavalaxis To learn a song in a maqam with quarter tones
* marymont To teach her to spin again
* capnlot To go on walk-about at a war, bardic fire hopping with him
* catdfox Throw away/give away/get rid of 27 items in your room that you don’t need and don’t make you smile.
* jaroselket Stop, sit down, and just Be. –I actually do this more than people think I do.
* czina Teach more people to spin! Very likely, especially since that’s what marymont wants me to do!

People who still owe me answers:
* ciorstan
* nomi_clawskull But not until after finals!
* oedi

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