Word for 2015

Several ideas have been rattling around my head this week. And distilling the notions down to one theme word for the year has been harder than usual.

At first, I pictured the notion “Tying a bow” on something. This more than just moving from UFOs (a common acronym among knitters and other Makers for “unfinished objects”) to Finished Objects. I want to capture the fine details. I want *CRAFTSMANSHIP* in my work. I want those, “And then a miracle occurred” moments to show loving care, preparedness, mastery. Mastery of fine stitches.

In garb, I want an attention to detail. Full kits. Beautiful seams. Perfect shoes.

In dance, I want regular drills and rehearsals. I want classes (in classrooms!) that enrich my students. I want a website with beautiful photos of me in costume. I want well-fitted, custom embroidered cholis.

I want project plans, thoughtful lists, steps to completion. I want cozy work spaces that have my tools.

I want enough sleep. I want clean laundry. I want to repair any holes in garments.

I want a fine colander or mesh screen that catches the details in my life and helps me put them away. I want books on shelves, in order. I want boxes cleansed and sorted and condensed. I want to be ready.

Craftsmanship. Thoroughness. Finesse. Adeptness. Artistry. Polish.

And usually my theme word is an action, a verb, an inspiration. Or a Call to Action. Possibly “Refine.” Or, somehow that moment when you take skills and “make them look effortless.”

And I never see my words as expired. I still love my words from the past years: Dance. Focus. Create. So, I am simply adding the next word in a series.

(And I think this year comes with a sub-theme, which I knew immediately is COLOR.)

But I think 2015 is the year to add to a pursuit of #Mastery. And that pursuit will always be a part of my life. And it’s my theme for 2015.


a moment in pursuit of #mastery of new skills and growing skills

a moment in pursuit of #mastery of new skills and growing skills

What are Your themes for 2015?

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