Troupe Floral Clips

This week I finished up an order for floral hair clips for a Dance Troupe. (If you click the photos, you can see a larger image.)

Collection of floral hair clips for a Dance Troupe

I’m so pleased with how well my new supply of feathers worked in these clips. I’m extremely happy with — she sells some fantastic feathers, and was a pleasure to work with from customer to merchant.

That purple feather just looks so jaunty and fun!

The wind was whipping around while I was taking photos after lunch, so shadows from the tree branches overhead kept obscuring some of my photos. But I’m fairly pleased with the final group of facinators (hair clips).

Best of all, I’m much happier with the glitter. I changed my application technique, and the glitter effect was much more subtle and consistent.

Glitter on the bright blue flower looks just right

Next up: Floral hair clips for a crafts fair. A friend of mine plans to work the event, and invited me to send some of my crafts to her table on commission.

2 thoughts on “Troupe Floral Clips

  1. cayswann says:

    Thank you — I’m part of the student troupe, Gypsy Sisters, and the professional troupe is Twisted Gypsy ( ). I do dance, and in fact will be at Tribal Fest this weekend. I don’t currently carry any bindi in my shop, although I could create any custom hair clip you might like. 🙂

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