Three-day weekends are a good idea

Oh. I just realized it’s Friday the Thirteenth. Happy 13th everyone.

Took the day off today, because it was Kelly’s (40th) birthday party. It’s a fair drive north from either my apartment or where I normally spend my weekends, so I took the whole day off to sleep in, wander the shops in search of a perfect card, maybe a small token gift (they asked for no gifts because basically she already has plenty of “things” in her life), and beat the traffic. Well, I mostly beat the traffic, but I spent way more time sleeping in and enjoying a leisurely day than I was expecting. Caught up on several hours of tv in the morning, over breakfast and coffee, and that’s a wonderful treat every now and then. Of course, another motivation is to watch everything stored on my TiVo so I can disconnect the old one and hook up the new one some time soon.

Oh! And they took Stefanie in for a C-section this morning, so I’m just waiting to hear back from Petula that everyone’s doing okay. I’ve left a couple of messages, but I’m sure she’s swamped with the family phone tree.

The drive was started to get backed up when I finally left the house, but I did get to enjoy the view of Pacific Coast Highway and find some relief from the heat of the inland freeways. Dropped off my things at Dayle’s before going up to Santa Barbara, where I was able to spend an hour browsing shops downtown. I miss being in Santa Barbara (my college town) and should probably find ways to visit more often. It has a real sense of “home” for me, even more than anywhere else. Of course, I just remember “I love my job, I love my job” and since I cannot commute 3-4 hours one-way, I remember that Santa Barbara is just a weekend-visit away.

Neither Dayle nor I was in much of a party mood at Kelly’s, but not for lack of a lovely party thrown by Richard. The food was yummy, Kelly was as adorable as ever, several friends/acquaintances I know from the Middle Eastern ensemble were there (including one of my former bellydance instructors), and had I been thinking I could have remembered to bring a swimsuit and enjoy the pool. But we still enjoyed the visit and had an easy drive home. A friend of Dayle’s writes for a show on PAX, and we watched one episode before finally passing out and getting some sleep. It’s going to be a lovely, lazy weekend, and I’m looking forward to it. Gee, I should have more three-day weekends.

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